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In the distant future, a corrupt and decadent church rules the known worlds through the twin iron fists of the holy inquisition, and a lock-down on the secrets of interstellar travel.

It was an RPG, a long time ago, set in a bizarre far-future world. Now, I'm going to be writing a novel set in the same universe, and running more games.

This is our sourcebook. If you've got imagination and stuff, please help me write it :)

Current Events:

  • Angel's has a number of RPGs ready to run, either in Lancaster or with the Tabletop Forge online environment.


Read Me First

Before adding some things, at least check out:

  • The most powerful organisation is the Church;
    • They prefer a 'hands off' approach and don't micro-manage the affairs of every planet, so there are still occasionally wars.
    • The only law that is common between all planets is Ecclesiastical Law.
    • The Bible has changed beyond recognition from anything in the present day
  • Other powerful factions include the Federation of Known Worlds and Vermendanyan Empire.
  • The current year is 842 by the Divine Calendar; the years count down, and recorded history is mixed in with mythology beyond the last few centuries.
  • Some planets have their own languages, but most people speak Esperanto
  • There is no Alien life ... but there's a few items being discovered that suggest there once was
  • Travel between planets is by Temple ship or discontinuous transit - the distance between two stars is never important.
  • Technology is not considered mystical or magical, just complex, in the majority of places and by the great majority of people.
  • All in all, for most people, life is pretty good, if a little boring.
  • When things get out of the ordinary, they tend to spiral out of control rapidly.


A few names which may need clarifying:

  • Terra Quest - An RPG on which the new version of TQ is based
  • TQ - The current name for the universe we're creating, until we think of something better
  • Terra - Where TQ meets earth. This wiki.

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The Game

At some point in the future, these categories will be used to document the rules systems I use to run TQ.